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Bereavement doula - support in case of pregnancy loss

Losing your child during pregnancy, during or shortly after birth is an extremely painful and traumatic experience.

Many women feel like they cannot talk openly about their devastating loss or do not know where to find support - especially after an early pregancy loss - but it is so important not to be alone during this difficult time.

I am the mother of an angel baby myself so after my loss I participated in trainings by the organization Hope's Angel and by midwife and certified psychologist Dagmar Weimer  on the subject of bereavement support, because it is a matter close to my heart to also be a doula for the mothers of angels.

I gladly accompany you in this difficult phase, with organizational matters, such as the burial of your child or support you at home so you can recover and heal.

I can also perform a farewell ritual, such as creating a candle or a keepsake together with you and your family. And if you need it, I'm also just there for you to listen.

Comforting Hands
Comforting Hands
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