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Postpartum care

21 days - that is 7 days in bed, 7 days on the bed and 7 days around the bed -  is the rule of thumb for how long a woman should (at least) take time to recover after childbirth. But it can be difficult to find the necessary support that allows you to rest and heal, especially if you are living as an expat abroad and don't have any family around to help you. As a postpartum doula, I offer you emotional and physical support after the birth of your baby:

  • nutritious, breastfeeding-friendly dishes prepared by me in your home

  • massages for you and your baby,

  • help with baby care,

  • caring for siblings,

  • support for breastfeeding problems,

  • K-Taping and gentle exercises e.g. for neck pain, pelvic floor etc.

  • baby bonding bath after a difficult birth

  • closing ceremony to find closure after your postpartum period

A postpartum doula complements the work of the aftercare midwife and spreads oxytocin and well-being in your home! Feel free to contact me so we can talk about your indivual needs.

Please note: I am currently only offering postpartum care in Valencia, Spain.


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