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Fabel® courses

Fabel® courses are classes following the development of a baby during the important first year of life. We meet in a small group in a pleasant atmosphere to play, sing and discover new games. At every session, you have the opportunity to exchange thoughts on important baby-related topics such as introducing solids, sleeping or family health.

As a GfG-Fabel® course instructor, I find it very important to accept and appreciate each child at their own pace. Quiet times of observation times are built into each class session. Passive observation without actively entertaining the children may give you amazing insights and memorable moments.

I offer you games to promote physical development, finger rhymes and children's songs. Small craft ideas, massage exercises and carefully selected age-appropriate toys complete the concept.

Please note: I am currently not offering any Fabel courses in Germany but I am planning to set up an international baby and toddler playgroup in Valencia. Contact me for more info.

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