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Pregnancy and childbirth are life-changing processes in which many women feel they are evolving and rediscovering themselves in a whole new way. Rituals can help in these transitional situations.

In a Blessingway, a mother-to-be can celebrate, say goodbye to the time before becoming a mother, be pampered with massages and nourishing food, let go of fear and doubts, and receive good wishes for her birth and her baby.

I offer Blessingways for groups of pregnant women or as individual blessings for a single pregnant woman with her loved ones. A selection of rituals is available that can be put together to suit every woman, e.g. designing a birth candle, weaving a flower wreath, a birth necklace made of pearls by your loved ones, personal affirmation cards, etc.

It is particularly important that the mother-to-be is the center of attention and that she can relax and enjoy this rite of passage.

After giving birth, many women wish to find closure. During conception, pregnancy and childbirth, the woman's body and mind are open and ready to conceive and to give. At the end of the postpartum period, the time begins when women want to feel stronger again, so that they can cope with everyday life as a mother with renewed strength. Especially after a difficult or very strenuous birth, there may also be a desire to leave behind what has been experienced in order to be able to look ahead.
A closing is a beautiful ritual that supports the physical and mental processes of recovery. At a closing ceremony, inspired by the "cerrada" performed by traditional Mexican midwives, the woman's entire body is massaged, especially the abdominal region, and then she is wrapped tightly in Mexican Rebozo cloths. Wrapped up like in a cocoon, the  mother feels carried and supported and afterwards, emerges like a new person.


I like to combine the closing ritual with a baby bath according to Brigitte Meissner, which strengthens the bond with the child, and if desired, a conversation about coping with the birth with a soothing cup of postpartum tea.

Please contact me for an individually designed ritual during your pregnancy or after the birth of your baby.

Blessingways for groups of pregnant women are offered at Blue Morpho Yoga in Valencia - check here for current dates.

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