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Prenatal classes

In my prenatal classes we talk about the physical and psychological changes in pregnancy, the different stages of labor and what may be helpful for you during these stages, how to deal with labor pains, and how to choose the right place to give birth. In different types of exercises, we practice relaxation and breathing techniques and try out different labor positions and massages for the partners to support the mother-to-be.

We also look into the time after the birth, the postpartum period, breastfeeding and baby handling. There is plenty of time to exchange thoughts with other course participants and to reflect on your own wishes for the birth, too.

As a recognized GfG prenatal class instructor® I try to adapt my courses to your needs: whether you are a couple expecting your first child, an international family living abroad, preparing for the arrival of a sibling etc.
This way, I can specifically address certain questions, such as cultural challenges in the birth situation or sibling constellations. In my courses, I also answer many practical questions about organizing the birth and the postpartum period.

In addition to prenatal classes for adults, I offer sibling courses for future big brothers and sisters, in which the children learn in a playful way how birth works and what their baby siblings are going to need. A sibling certificate and a craft activity to create a gift for the baby are part of the course.

I offer prenatal classes in Frankfurt, Germany, and Valencia, Spain. You can find current course dates here.

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