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Family support in Valencia, Spain, and Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Having a child changes your whole life which is a beautiful, but also challenging experience that might make you feel like you need additional support.

I will be by your side during your pregnancy and during the birth of your baby, take care of you in the weeks after birth and advise you on breastfeeding questions. I am available to answer your questions throughout the first year of life regarding baby care and development, breastfeeding and weaning, sleep, etc. and I love to connect with international families in my classes.

Feel free to contact me so that we can get to know each other in person. I'm looking forward to meeting you,


About me

My name is Seli Jacome and I am the mother of three children and one angel baby. After the birth of our rainbow child, my family and I moved from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to sunny Valencia in Spain.


Especially during my first pregnancy, I experienced firsthand how difficult the transition to motherhood can be when you don't have close family around to help you, but I was also able to experience how nice it is to find support from friends, neighbors, midwives and doulas.

I am a birth doula (certified via DiD), postpartum doula,   GfG family companion, prenatal course instructor, Fabel® course instructor, baby massage course instructor and AFS breastfeeding consultant i.A. I have found my calling in family education and being a doula, and I love working with international families on their way into life with a baby.

I support German and English speaking families in the Rhine-Main area, online or in and around Valencia, Spain.

What I do

Birth doula

As your doula, I am by your side during your pregnancy and your birth journey.

Postpartum doula

I support you in the postpartum period in your own house so you can rest and recover.

Breastfeeding advice

Contact me if you have difficulties breastfeeding or any questions regarding nursing or weaning.



“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers  - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

Barbara Katz Rothman
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